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Welcome, to the Illuminati-Order's rank page.
These are the current ranks:

Members: 17
Recruit: HEATHEN ONE, Orgone, Grodon, FuSioN207, Jermu, Skarrson, Ser Hilarious Ransoms.
Member: Charlie, DemonsBane, Pig In A Blanket, Dozzler, MithadrisVK, Corp_Fitz.
Veteran(max. 5): Rivian.
Officer(max. 3):
EU Officers:
American Officers:
Co-Leader: Wolf
Leader: ProHunter

Website Mods:
Website Admins: ProHunter, Wolf, LukasBeastcaller.

Rank Tags and Permission:

Recruit - [R]         A recruit is a newly accepted member, if he prove himself as
trustworthy after staying in the clan for 1-2 weeks he gets promoted to a
full member (May recommend other players for application)

Member - [M]        A full member has nearly the same rights as a recruit,
but his tag shows that he has been for a longer time in the clan and he may
attend at clanwars.

Veteran - [V]        A Veteran has admin rights on the Gameserver/is Moderator
or Admin of the Homepage, you get promoted when we need one, or
you have been a very long time in the clan. Maximum Number of Veterans: 5

Officer - [O]          An officer has Admin rights on the Gameserver, is allowed
to accept applications
, and may lead a faction (e.g. America Faction of I.O. and
can also Dispand Members of that faction), you get promoted when the Co-leader
and/or the Leader decides to.

Note: If an officer is against a Decision of the Co-Leader, he can start a
vote and if all 3 Officers and more than the half of veterans (min. 3)
are also against the decision of the Co-Leader, they gain the decision right
of that topic, they must not take away the Co-Leader or Leader Status from the
Co-leader or Leader and they aren't allowed to change the rank permissions.

Co-Leader - [CL]
  the Co-Leader has nearly the same rights as the Leader,
except that he cannot dispand the clan, if necessary, he has to accept the
decision from the Leader, and if a vote has been cast by an officer
 (and he got all necessary Votes), he has to accept the decision of
the Officer who did cast that vote.

Leader - [L]  the Clan Leader may do everything.

Website Mod - [WM]    The website mod will review forums, make threads and solve problems if there is no website admins online.

Website Admin - [WA]   The website admins have permission to do anything to the clans website, they will not abuse any part of it and will try to fix problems, they do much more than the websites mods.
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